Indian Vehicles To Adhere To BS-V Emission Norms—New Rule Passed

The Indian Government has confirmed that all new vehicles will have to adhere to Bharat Stage (BS) -V emission norms by 2019 across India.

Currently, most vehicles sold in India have passed the BS-IV emission norms. The Indian Government had earlier planned on skipping BS-V stage and rollout BS-VI emission norms for all vehicles sold in the country.

The current Government is focussing on making the country cleaner and greener. Officials are focussing on lowering vehicle emissions and also a faster implementation of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

Oil Ministry of India has confirmed that all vehicles will be adhering to BS-V emission norms. Oil suppliers will also commence supply of BS-V quality fuel from 2019 onward; all four-wheelers will have to comply with BS-VI emission norms by 2023.

Previously, four-wheeler manufacturers were against adoption of BS-VI emission norms. Road transport ministry and heavy industries ministry have accepted to adhere to the BS-V emission norms by 2019.

The adoption of stricter emission norms is a need of the hour in a country like India. The population of two-wheelers and four-wheelers is on a constant rise, which means more automobiles are running on the road than ever before, leading to more pollution.

Currently, 13 cities have access to BS-IV fuel since 2010. The Oil Ministry is planning on providing the remaining parts of the country with the BS-IV fuel by April 1, 2017. This rollout will be carried out in a phased manner and thus will take a while.

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