Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Sets Land Speed Record

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Hyundai has set a new land speed record with its Tucson fuel cell vehicle. The Tucson claimed the record for a mass-produced fuel cell vehicle and hit a top speed of 152.25 km/h. The record was set in the Californian desert on a soggy dry lake bed.

The Tucson fuel cell vehicle was delivered to its very first customer in June 2014. Hyundai confirms that its fuel cell powered SUV emits only clean water vapour. Currently, Hyundai states that there are over 100 Tucson fuel cell vehicles in the United States of America.

Fuel cell vehicles achieve zero emission and are non-harmful to the environment. Hyundai's Tucson fuel cell vehicle has an estimated range of 426.48 kilometres. Refuelling is effortless and only takes a few minutes, just like topping up a traditional gasoline powered vehicle.

Here is a quick video of Hyundai Tucson's fuel cell vehicle setting the land speed record. The video also showcases the SUVs ability to tackle off-road terrain. Hyundai Tucson fuel cell vehicle attains a top speed in rough conditions.

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