Honda India Introduces Any Time Warranty Scheme For Owners

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Honda has introduced a new warranty scheme for its vehicle owners, known as the Any Time Warranty. The Japanese manufacturer will provide more satisfaction and confidence to buyers with the new warranty scheme for vehicles.

Their cars come with a standard warranty of two years. Customers can now avail Any Time Warranty for additional seven years post buying of the vehicle. Honda will provide the warranty on vehicles for either seven years or 1,00,000 kilometres, whichever comes first post purchase.

Honda owners can opt for Any Time Warranty scheme even on the last day of their original warranty. The vehicle, however, has to be less than seven years old and should have less 1,00,000 kilometres on the odometer. If an individual buys a used Honda vehicle he too is eligible to opt for this warranty.

Any Time Warranty will take care of repair costs, replacement parts and faulty parts that come under this scheme. Honda India will price different models based on the service record and overall condition of the vehicle. In our opinion it is a worthwhile investment and will provide safety to the owner and his vehicle.

Every manufacturer knows that in India people love their vehicles more than anything in the world. Honda India is adopting the extended warranty scheme in an attempt to boost sales of its products. By providing longer warranty periods they are proving that their products are reliable and will be taken care of by the manufacturer.

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