Government Fixes Vehicle Mileage As 18.2 Kpl From 2017

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The Indian government has fixed compulsory minimum vehicle mileage as 18.2 kpl from April 2017 onwards. This is a 15 percent increase from what is mandatory today.

Cars and utility vehicles that are made should return a fuel efficiency of 18.2 kpl. Automobile manufacturers should ensure the average fuel efficiency of all the models should return at least 18.2 kpl.

Carmakers can sell models that return less than the above mentioned economy, but the average of all the models put together should return 18.2 kpl, as required by the government.

From 2022 however, the required fuel efficiency will be set higher at 22 kpl, while the fuel efficiency required by trucks and buses will announced separately.

This kind of a rule already exists in countries like the US, Germany, Japan and China. These countries take this rule serious and manufacturers are penalised for violation.

Future cars will get heavier as well since government wants cars to pass crash tests and have more safety features. So it will be a challenge for carmakers to balance both.

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