Ford EcoSport Without Rear Mounted Wheel Begins Testing In India

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American automobile giant, Ford had recently showcased their EcoSport sans a rear mounted spare wheel. It was revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show during March.

The EcoSport by Ford is a popular choice among compact SUVs offered in India. They have now begun testing their facelifted version without a rear mounted spare wheel in India as well.

new ford ecosport

We are uncertain if this model is going to be offered in India or not. Ford manufacturers the EcoSport in India and exports its to global markets and we believe it could be an export model.

Ford's facelifted EcoSport is now being transformed into a more urban vehicle rather than an off-roader. It loses certain components and gets valuable new ones as well.

The roof rail and rear mounted spare wheel will not feature on the new EcoSport. Ford, however, will provide a black roof, lower ground clearance, new 17-inch alloy wheels and new mirror caps.

ecosport rear mounted wheel

In terms of engines, Ford will not be changing anything as they are working well. The EcoSport is offered in petrol as well as diesel engine options and a special EcoBoost engine, which is the most popular engine choice.

Do let us know whether you prefer the Ford EcoSport with or without the rear mounted spare wheel? We prefer the compact SUV with a rear wheels mounted outside, giving it a more rugged look and appeal.

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