Ford Driving Habits Survey Reveals, Indians Love Weekend Getaways

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Ford India has conducted a rather interesting survey in which we have beaten all other nations. The American based manufacturer has conducted on of their ‘Ford Driving Habits Survey'. They wanted to know which countrymen go frequently on weekend trips.

The survey showed that several Indians nowadays opt for short weekend getaways with either family or friends. Ford Driving Habits Survey proved that eight out of ten Indians make it a point to organise a short trip at least once in a month.

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We share the top spot with the Chinese people. Indians and Chinese are way further compared to developed countries like Australia, Philippines and Thailand. More and more youngsters are purchasing vehicles and proving that they are keen to explore new places.

The time spent behind the wheel of a vehicle has also increased in India. It has been noticed that 49 percent of Indians currently spend 12-hours or more in a vehicle. There are a few that spend almost 100 minutes every day behind a steering wheel of a vehicle.

Here are a few reasons why anxiety and stress among drivers is increasing according to Ford Driving Habits Survey:

  • 40 percent Australians claim that hitting an animal causes anxiety.
  • 60 percent Chinese drivers explain finding parking spaces troubles them.
  • 70 percent Philippines are bothered about rising fuel prices.
  • 46 percent drivers from Thailand explain that night driving causes anxiety, while 43 percent explained that dealing with two-wheelers.
  • 32 percent Indians have asserted that the thought of hitting a pedestrian creates anxiety in their minds.
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Ford Driving Habits Survey also asked drivers the loved features in their vehicles. 70 percent Indians said that in-car stereo system is their favourite car features. They also admitted that they spend a lot of time on their mobile, while driving either talking, clicking selfies or even visiting social media sites.

Story first published: Friday, March 13, 2015, 11:01 [IST]

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