Ferrari Previews 488 GTB Prior To Launch At Geneva Motor Show

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Italian supercar maker, Ferrari is known for making exquisite looking vehicles. The automobile manufacturer was founded by Enzo Ferrari back in 1929. Their headquarters has always been situated at Maranello, Italy. It is currently under the Fiat Group and part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Ferrari now has showcased its 2015 offering, that will provide race track performance for extreme responsiveness for public roads. The Italian manufacturer showcased its 488 GTB prior to its launch at 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Ferrari engineers have hand built an all new V8 3902cc turbo engine. This mill will produce 659.51 horsepower, along with 760 Nm of peak torque output. The supercar will sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds flat, while 0 to 200 km/h comes in 8.3 seconds. It can achieve a top speed of 330 km/h.

The 488 GTB gets an all new aerodynamic package from Ferrari engineers. It has recorded an efficiency figure of 1.67, which is the best for a production model for Ferrari. It gets a sophisticated aerodynamic package, which includes double front spoilers, base bleed side intakes, blown spoiler, along with an active aerodynamic package and vortex generators.

To make this supercar more controllable Ferrari has fitted the 488 GTB with several gadgets. These include Side Slip Angle Control System, F1-Tra, E-Diff and active dampers. All of these improve handling of the vehicle and keeps the driver in control of the supercar at all times.

The 488 GTB has been designed by Ferrari Styling Centre. It has received several design cues from its predecessors to provide the family feel. This supercar gets a large air intake, which is split into two sections. The rear section is by far the most attractive and gets a blown spoiler to increase downforce.

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