Anti Road Departure System By Continental

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Continental has unveiled an anti road departure system, which will help drivers stay on the road and not veer off it.

There are numerous technologies these days that help cars brake to avoid collisions, help cars stay in lane and also warn drivers if they are sleepy.

Only a small percentage of overall accidents occur due to cars straying off the road, but most of such accidents prove to be deadly. This system makes sure the car stays on the road, instead of going off the road and hitting a guardrail or a tree or even rolling off a cliff.

This anti road departure system uses a forward-facing mono camera that can be mounted next to the rear view mirror. It also works with numerous other sensors of the vehicle to keep track of the road lines.

If the system detects that the car has gone over rumble strips, it will either steer the car's wheels to bring it back on the road or apply differential braking to gently correct course. The system connects with the vehicles electronic stability control, wheel-speed monitors and a car or truck's inertial measurement unit.

Combining data from many sensors in the car, the system builds a probabilistic model according to Jeremy McClain, the head of chassis and safety systems at Continental.

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