Castrol India Launches Vecton RX Fuel Saver Diesel Engine Oil

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Tata Motors had organised its T1 Prima Truck Racing championship on 15th of March, 2015. Castrol India Limited took this opportunity to launch a new engine oil for diesel vehicles. They have named it as the Castrol Vectron RX Fuel Saver 10W-40.

The official engine oil for T1 Prima Truck Racing 2015 Season is Castrol Vecton RX Fuel Saver. All the truck in this years championship were running Castrol's new engine oil. It is said to improve fuel efficiency in trucks by three percent.

Castrol Vecton RX Fuel Saver 10W-40 can adapt to several engine condition and racing is the best place to test it. Here are the five aspects this engine oil improves in diesel trucks.

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Longer oil drain interval
  • Enhanced component life
  • Increased power

Ravi Kirpalani, Managing Director, Castrol India Limited, commented, "Castrol Vecton RX Fuel Saver 10W-40 incorporates Castrol's pioneering technology and has been developed and rigorously tested for over four years in Castrol's laboratories in Pangbourne - UK, and India, and on the roads."

He further added, "The challenge was to develop a product which was fuel efficient but yet tough enough to withstand the huge pressure faced by trucks on difficult roads and under tough operating conditions, including overloading."

With the new engine oil Castrol claims individuals can save up to INR 40,000 per year on their truck. Provided the truck does 1,00,000 kilometres per year. 50 percent of the total cost of ownership accounts for diesel and Vecton RX saves fuel thus, it is a win-win situation for truck owners.

Story first published: Monday, March 16, 2015, 13:47 [IST]
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