Confirmed: Crash Tests Mandatory From October 2017 Onwards In India

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The government of India has finally made crash tests for cars compulsory in India from October 2017 onwards. Upgrades for existing models will be given time till October 2018.

The minimum safety norms include frontal and side impact crash tests. Front crash tests will be conducted at 56 kmph while side impact tests will be conducted at a speed of 50 km/h. These crash tests will have to be passed by every vehicle manufactured in India, be it a hatchback or a luxury sedan.

car crash test mandatory from 2017 october

These crash tests will meet international safety standards, to keep driver and occupants safe during a crash.

When cars will have to meet such safety standards, they will need to equipped with airbags, ABS and few other basic safety features, including structural changes.

Such safety requirements may also mean phasing out old models that cannot be worked on much to improve safety.

Making cars safer could also lead to problems such as cars getting pricier and heavier due to additional equipment. That will be a challenge for carmakers since the government of India has increased mileage norms as well.

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