BMW Introduces Online Car Ordering System In The UK

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BMW has introduced a radical new online ordering system for its customers in the United Kingdom. According to the Bavarian carmaker, a customer can order a car and arrange finance and set a delivery date in just 10 minutes.

This is how the new online ordering System works :

1) The system asks you four simple question about your car usage — Where do you drive? How many people ride in your car? What needs to fit in your boot? What's important to you? — After asking these questions it give you a list of optons that you can buy.

2) The user can then choose from the options or decide to start from scratch. To help users, BMW offers 'Genius' advisors who are available 8am and 10pm, seven days a week.

3)The user can then choose the proper specifications and delivery time for the car of their choice. They can also check if there is a similarly specced up car available with a lesser wait time and choose it if they want to.

4) Users can then choose the BMW dealer they want to buy their car from and start negotiations with them. Users can try and get a better deal from the dealer at this point.

5) Users can also trade in their existing car if they want. All that required at this point is the user feeding in the registration number and the distance clocked on the car's odometer. The system will then quote you an amount that it thinks your car is worth.

6) The user can now arrange for the tradin in of his/her car as well as the financing required to buy the new one. Once the financing is cleared or if you don't want financing, you can put down a deposit for the car using your credit card or a bank transfer.

7)Now that the deposit is paid and the financing arranged(or not needed) the user can arrange for the car to be dropped off at his/her house.

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