Need To Vomit In A South Korean Taxi? Fine, Big Fine

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Think, then drink. That's what the two drivers associations are saying to customers of their cab services in the South Korean capital city of Seoul. Tired of having to deal with passengers vomiting in their cabs after a night on the town, the two associations will, with city-approval, begin imposing a substantial fine of 150,000 won (around INR 8,500) on those that can't keep it in.

It's understandable that taxi drivers have gotten upset at puking customers, because they often lose out on the rest of the day's fare, sometimes even longer, because the foul odour remains in the car for a long time. Cleaning the car is obviously not the most pleasant experience or the easiest job as well.

South Korea has a widespread drinking culture, which encourages co-workers and friends to consume (plenty of) alcohol. As a result boozed-up individuals riding in the taxi sometimes don't just vomit in the car, but create hassles for drivers by using fake currency or credit cards for the cab fare, sometimes refusing to pay entirely.

Should India take a leaf out of this book, and support auto rickshaw and cab drivers with a similar rule? Especially since it is increasingly the case here as well that intoxicated passengers create a ruckus and mess up the rickshaw or taxi they are riding in. Do er, throw up some thoughts.

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