Audi Plans Five New Launches To Keep Mercedes-Benz Away

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Audi, the German luxury carmaker has planned five new car launches in five months to keep its competitor, Mercedes-Benz away from taking the king of sales crown in the luxury car segment.

After launching the Audi TT yesterday, the company is looking at launching five more cars in the upcoming five months.

The battle in the luxury segment is getting very competitive between the two German carmakers, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

During the last financial year's last quarter, Mercedes-Benz managed to outsell Audi by 385 units. During the last financial year, Audi sold 11,292 units while Mercedes sold 11,213 units. That is just 79 vehicles less than Audi.

The race to be the best luxury carmaker in India only gets better as even Mercedes-Benz has close to 10 car launches lined up this year.

The luxury car segment in India has seen nothing but a constant growth and the competition getting nothing short of intense.

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