Volkswagen Introduce All New 10-Speed DSG Gearbox

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German auto maker Volkswagen has introduced a new 10-speed DSG gearbox. The new dual clutch automatic gearbox is designed to be faster and more efficient than the existing one.

The DQ511 as it is called, is a more advanced version of the DQ500, or the existing 7-speed DSG gearbox that comes on Skoda and Volkswagen models.

This new 10-speed gearbox weighs the same as the current 7-speed one and is the same size as well, but offers three more gears to select. The new one even has the same number of gear sets as well.

A new shifting strategy helps the gearbox to combine gears in a different way, thus new gear ratios are formed.

With an addition of just two new linkages, this gearbox is made to suit the VW engine platform. All new VW Modularer Querbaukasten (MQB) cars will be equipped with this new gearbox.

The company will allow the gearbox to be customised according to the vehicle's requirement, like spread out ratios, tall ratios or for strong performance.

The new gearbox, on the whole is designed to increase average ratios, without compromising the overall drivability of the vehicle.

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