Cars With Tinted Windows Still Thrive

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In spite of making it very clear under the Motor Vehicle Act saying darkened windows in vehicles is punishable by law, many roam the roads with dark windows.

The government made it compulsory for vehicles to have only approved tinted glasses. In spite of this, many vehicles have even darker tints than what was approved.

In Meerut, even though police keep a check and are on look out for offenders, PK Tiwari, SP traffic say a few still managed to get away and don't seemed to be bothered about police action.

As an "influential" person said, his car has been running with dark tinted glass for the past 6 years and has been stopped by police. Since the vehicle had a symbol of a political party, many policemen saluted and let the vehicle pass.

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He said on a few occasions, he just had to spend some cash towards the policemen and they would let him pass through even without a challan.

Meerut city recorded around 357 kidnapping cases in the year 2013 as per Uttar Pradesh state crime records bureau (SCRB). These crimes were generally done in cars with dark tints.

Tiwari says challans are issued to those caught with these dark tints and their documents are confiscated. The documents are then produced before the judge in the court where the judge decides the fine amount to be paid. The dark tints on these vehicles are ripped out at the time of being caught.


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Story first published: Friday, August 22, 2014, 12:01 [IST]
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