RTOs To Be Soon Replaced

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Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways said on Monday that Regional Transport Offices (RTO) will soon be scrapped. This decision made by the Central government, will work on replacing RTOs with an efficient alternate system in the next few months.

Gadkari, in a recent lecture said that there are a few outdated laws and systems that need to be scrapped. Systems like RTOs will soon be gone as there is no need for them. We have prepared a law which will be introduced very soon to replace RTOs.

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In regards to harassment that the public undergo there, Gadkari said that money rules in RTOs. He says there will be new technologies introduced to nab traffic violators and the Government is following countries like the UK for traffic models.

Traffic offenders will receive notices to their doorstep and fines should be paid directly to the court. In case the violators want to argue in court and lose, they will end up paying three times the price he says.

The Union Minister says NGOs and a few social organisations are the biggest hurdles as they stop developments and get too much media coverage. He says a lot of infrastructure plans are pending due to no clearance from the forest and environmental department.

Since land acquisition has become a tedious job, he says there are lots of major road projects also that are pending.

Gadkari says that he had promised the Prime Minister a growth of 2 percent in GDP from the port and road sector. He says there are high expectations and everybody eagerly awaiting these new projects and changes to take place.


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