Nissan Showcases Its CVT Transmission Technology

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Nissan India is in the process of promoting its CVT transmission technology available in the NIssan Micra hatchback and the Nissan Sunny sedan. The company claims that its CVT technology has a number of benefits over regular automatic transmissions that feature five, six or seven gears.

Nissan's CVT uses a steel belt or pulley system that moves up and down the gear ratios in a continuous smooth motion, with no mechanical ‘shifting'. The system used is the smallest of Nissan's CVT transmissions and is claimed to offer the following benefits:

a) Gear hunting and ‘shift-shock' eliminated

Traditional auto transmissions tend to ‘gear-hunt' or ‘search' for a specific gear and don't always find the right gear. In addition ‘shift-shock' - or the slight bump you feel between gears that results in momentary loss of power - is eliminated.

b) Durability

Because a CVT has fewer moving parts, friction and heat generated are both reduced, thus offering longer transmission life. Also a CVT transmission is 13 percent lighter than a regular automatic transmission and thus offers benefits of performance and fuel efficiency.

c) Smoother, more efficient driving

Nissan's CVT is claimed to produce seamless shifting and more constant power delivery that is smoother and more fuel-efficient than regular automatic transmissions.

d) The car sounds ‘high-tech'

Nissan CVT transmission is said to emit a unique, single transmission tone that changes ‘pitch' every time the transmission moves through the gear ratios.

We asked Nissan if there was a right way to drive a CVT transmission, and the answer was driving with progressive throttle inputs was indeed the correct manner in order to achieve maximum efficiency and performance.


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Story first published: Monday, September 8, 2014, 17:04 [IST]
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