Mahindra's Quadricycle Project: Make or Break?

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Mahindra & Mahindra, the leading manufacturer of utility vehicles is entering new segments to increase its presence in the domestic market.

The company recently launched their next generation Scorpio, along with a ground up scooter christened the ‘Gusto'.

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When will Mahindra launch the Quadricycle in India?

Mahindra has now commenced work on a new Quadricycle project. This project will compete head on with Bajaj's RE60, which will hit markets soon. The Quadricycle will add strength to Mahindra's commercial vehicle lineup in India.

It is being rumoured that the Quadricycle will be built at Zaheerabad, Telangana plant. Mahindra aims to launch this new product by 2017.

Why is it important to have a presence in the Quadricycle segment in India?

Currently, Indians use three-wheeler vehicles (auto-rickshaws) for short commutes, and these vehicles are sold in huge numbers in spite of lack of safety features, doors, and a soft-top roof.

Mahindra's new Quadricycle will be offered with doors and a hardtop roof, adding more strength and safety.

Currently, Bajaj seems to be the only company to have a keen interest in this segment. TVS, on the other hand manufacture auto-rickshaws, and are mulling over Quadricycles.

What to expect from Mahindra?

Mahindra has not revealed any other details regarding the Quadricycle, except for the fact that it is being developed under the Codename C101.

The Quadricycle will be available in 2017, and will be built in India. The pricing of the Quadricycle has not been revealed, however, we expect the prices to be on par with the Bajaj RE60, which will be on offer soon.

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