Honda India To Replace Passenger Airbag In Brio, Amaze & CR-V

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Japanese automobile giant Honda has recently been in the news for international recalls of its vehicles. Other manufacturers too have been recalling their products for various reasons. The most common reason currently is an airbag issue, which several manufacturers have been facing.

Honda Cars India Limited or HCIL has now announced that they would be recalling its Amaze, Brio and CR-V. The models in question were manufactured between September 2011 to July 2014. The manufacturer claims it is preventive replacement of driver side airbag inflator.

honda india airbag issue

Currently there are no reports of any incident in India regarding the airbag issue. As of now Honda claims there could be an issue with 1235 Amaze, 1040 Brio and 63 CR-V vehicles. The manufacturer reported that an incorrect assembly of the Baffle Plate in the inflator could cause a problem.

Honda India will be replacing the parts in question as part of their global exercise. The Japanese manufacturer will be carrying out the changes to ensure high quality of products and proper safety. Honda is a trusted brand in India and customer buy their vehicles for the quality they provide.

honda passenger airbag

The Japanese manufacturer will replace parts in question for no additional cost. Honda will be contacting owners of the vehicles individually and informing them. Customers themselves can also check if their vehicle has an issue by CLICKING HERE and entering your Vehicle Identification Number.

The recall of Amaze, Brio and CR-V is being issued as the airbag may not deploy in an accident. It could also create excess pressure in the inflator and could damage to the occupant as well as the container. If your vehicle is in question, we recommend you go to your closest dealer and get the issue rectified.

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