Manufacturers Should Share Details Of Vehicles Sold With Government

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The Government of India has asked the vehicle manufacturers to share details of vehicles sold with them to make registrations easier. The Government has asked for details like specifications of vehicles sold to be uploaded in a Government web portal from October this year onwards.

Automakers can do this manually for the first year but from next October, the authorities have made it clear that they will not register vehicles if details like engine and chassis numbers, engine capacity, colour and fuel used are not uploaded.

Government officials claim that this step is taken to make the registration process simple and help them create a database of automobiles sold and registered in the country. They said it will also help them cross verify a vehicle before registration.

A notification was issued last month to auto manufacturers across all segments, including farming and construction equipment makers.

Automobile companies have data such as engine number, chassis number and engine specifications for their own use and don't share it with any outside agencies. Now, these information is to be shared on form 20 in the National Informatics Centre's portal.

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The Government officials say that all this data will help in reducing the long queues at the local transport offices and provide standard service options to other service providers like finance and insurance companies.

The automobile manufacturers are happy about the new rule and are more than willing to share information with the Government. The automakers claim that this process will make transferring of vehicles to second and third owners will also be hassle free.

This move of sharing data will help local transport authorities keep an eye on registration of vehicles, fitness of commercial vehicles, national permits and enforcing penalties on people who break the law.


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Story first published: Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 9:00 [IST]
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