GoPro Blamed For Schumacher's Injury

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GoPro, a very successful American based camera manufacturer saw its share drop by almost 16 percent after news broke that the camera was the reason the for causing a head injury during Schumacher's skiing accident.

Mick, the 15 year old son of the seven time world champion was with Schumacher when the accident took place in December.

Jean-Louis Moncet, French F1 commentator said that it was not the actual fall that damaged Schumacher's brain but it was the GoPro camera that was mounted on his helmet that injured him after that fall.

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Once this comment was spread, the American company saw its market share fall by almost 16 percent.

A GoPro spokesperson said that the company is trying to get more information about the accident and about what Moncet said.

Moncet's tweet suggests that the comment did not come from any family member because he has clearly asked people to stop all speculations and mentioned that he had only met Mick, but had not interviewed him or anything else.

GoPro manufacture small lightweight cameras that are very versatile and record high definition videos and capture high resolution pictures for extreme sports. The cameras can be mounted on to almost any surface and will record from that point of view. 

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 19:07 [IST]
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