Delhi Govt Bans Uber And All App-Based Cab Services

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The Delhi government has banned all app-based cab services in New Delhi after the 25 year old woman was allegedly raped in Delhi.

This move by the government could cause lots of inconvenience to everyday commuters, but keeping safety in mind, a step has to be taken.

The government has put a ban on cab operators like Taxi-for-Sure, Ola, Quick Cabs, Delhi Cab, Wyn, and Cosy, along with Uber.

ban on cab opertaors

The government has come up with a notice saying only six cab operators can run radio serviced taxis since only they have the license.

The government will allow operators like Easy Cab, Mega Cab, Meru Cab, Chanson Cab, Yo Cab and Air Cab. This notification was immediately followed by the ban on Uber cabs.

There will roughly be about 20 cab services that will be off the Delhi roads and thousands of cab drivers will lose jobs.

Uber cabs alone is estimated to have had 3,000 drivers working under them.

Uber claimed to provide safe cabs, but the company has been slapped with an FIR by the Delhi Police for negligent conduct and cheating. This move was taken just after the company officials were questioned and they admitted they didn't do any background checks on the drivers themselves and relied on their partners and Delhi Police to do the verification.

As a transport official explained, "They don't have drivers on their rolls or taxis of their own. They operate through a network of drivers with valid licences or operators who own cars."

Although this move might seem like a drastic step for a crime committed by one individual, the first step taken has to be towards safety of women, and this is an important step.

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