Of Astons and Martinis: The New Bond Car Is The Aston Martin DB10

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Bond martinis have always been shaken, not stirred, while Bond cars have always left the baddies shaken, and the ladies stirred. This will hold true of the new Bond movie, 'Spectre', which is to be released next year, but a very special, brand new Aston Martin will transport the slick secret agent to his martini this time.

Specially created for the movie by Aston Martin's design team led by Marek Reichman, the DB10 seems set to be one of the stars in its own right.

That's because the new car looks an absolute treat, and Aston Martin says it provides a "glimpse to the future design direction" of the company. If that's true, then fans of the company sure have a lot to look forward to.

Nothing has been revealed about what's going to sit under that beautifully contoured hood, but news is that only ten of these beauties will be made, none of which will be on sale. That's okay, we're still allowed to drool.

The super-exclusive DB10's profile features a clean, super-sleek design with differing details to the current generation of Astons, like the extended side breather and new grille interpretation. Real goosebumps stuff, this, and the perfect foil for Daniel Craig's tuxedo.

'Spectre' releases in theatres on November 6, 2015—we're hoping for a whole lot of product placement...

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