Ferrari 2014 F1 Race Car Name To Be Determined By Fans

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In 1996 Ferrari became the first manufacturer to publicly reveal its Formula 1 car on its website and it has been doing so ever since. Continuing its close relationship with fans worldwide through good use of internet, Ferrari has announced that the name of their 2014 Formula 1 car will be decided by fans for the first time.

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Ferrari is likely to ask its fans on various social media platforms to choose from a list of names by voting for their favourite one. The actual reveal of the racecar, along with its official name should take place early in 2014.

Last week, Ferrari officially announced the name of the all new engine that will power the new race car during the 2014 season. The engine, named 059/3, is a turbocharged 1.6 liter V6 unit that will be used in conjunction with an advanced energy recovery system.

More details about the new engine, explained by Ferrari engineers in a video, can be found the link above. While Ferrari has not released an audio sample of how the engine will sound, like how Mercedes-Benz did, there is something even better for all you F1 fanatics.

A spy video of a LaFerrari being test driven at Fiorano that sounds nothing like a V12 engine, but certainly a lot like an F1 engine. F1 engine or not, the engine soundtrack is a treat to the ears. So, don't miss it.

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