Renault Nissan To Focus On Exclusive Products

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Renault and Nissan have adopted a new strategy in India to gain more success and sales. The two companies have chosen to develop exclusive products instead of creating copy cats.

Renault has launched exact copies of Nissan's Micra and Sunny in the form of the Pulse and the Scala. Such copies will be a thing of the past according to the new Exclusive product strategy for Renault-Nissan in India.

The Franco-Japanese companies have chosen this new strategy after the success of the Renault Duster. The visible product differentiators seems to have worked in the Duster's favour and with the new strategy, do not expect a Duster clone from Nissan.

So will this mean no new Renault-Nissan cars will be similar? The answer will be no. Although there will be no obvious copies like the Sunny- Scala, Micra Pulse duos, the two carmakers will continue to use common platforms and synergies in research and development will continue.

So new products from Renault-Nissan will no longer look similar but will be built using the same platforms and will have similar features. It is only in the look and feel that there will be an obvious difference.

While Renault has been heavily criticised for not innovating enough while developing its entry level cars the carmaker had some reasons for copying Nissan's cars. The Pulse was an urgent requirement to establish Renault as a volume carmaker in India. The Scala was a result of dealers demanding a wider product line-up. The superb performance of the Sunny also helped in making the Scala.

Renault-Nissan's new strategy will be effective to all new cars that will be developed for India. However, reports say, Nissan has already started working on an entry level SUV based on the Renault Duster. Reports say the Duster based SUV will not be a photo copy like in the case of the Pulse or the Scala. Instead, the SUV will only have the underpinnings of the Duster with an entirely different character.

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