Rolls-Royce Owners In India- Photo Update

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Rolls-Royce is a well-known luxury car brand and there are several Indians who own one. We shall have a look at Rolls-Royce owners in India. Some of them are noted film celebrities.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

The Indian royalty has also been a regular customer at Rolls-Royce cars. In fact, the Maharajas of semi-independent India have had thecustom built Rolls-Royce for their hunting trips.

In the present day, film celebrities and industrialists are regular customers of Rolls-Royce. Here are some of the most notable Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce owners.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Amitabh Bachchan's Rolls-Royce Phantom

The Bollywood Shahanshah Amitabh Bachchan, a proud Rolls-Royce owner. He owns the Phantom luxury saloon and Mr Bachchan has been spotted driving the elegant rolls on several occasions.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Amir Khan's Ghost

Bollywood's perfectionist Amir Khan has also shown his appreciation towards Rolls-Royce's luxury cars. Amir Khan's Rolls-Royce Ghost has a unique registration number - MH 11 AX 1.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Akshay Kumar

Wonder where Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar looks when in need of a car? The Rolls-Royce dealership of course! Akshay owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a preferred choice when it comes to high profilers.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Manyata Dutt's Royal Ride

Bollywood hunk Sanjay Dutt who has an enviable car collection has gifted his wife Manyata Dutt a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Sanjay gifted the Ghost to Manyata after she gave birth to twin baby girls.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra may be known for her acting and even for her awards, but what catches our attention is her ride — a Rolls-Royce Ghost. She could be the only female actor in Bollywood to own one, but with trends changing, others could soon have one too.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

The Mega Star's Mega Ride - Phantom

Telugu film star and minister Mega star Chiranjeevi was gifted a Rolls-Royce Phantom by his son Ram Charan Tej.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Ilayathalapathy Vijay Gets A Rolling Ride

Tamil film star Vijay known for his mass masala hits has recently bought himself a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Director Shankar Is Also a Rolls-Royce Fan

Sensational director Shankar has been a Rolls-Royce fan for many years. In fact, he had bought himself a Rolls-Royce much before Vijay. He purchased an RR Ghost in April 2012.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

The King Of Good Time's Rolls

UB Group Chairman Vijay Mallya has been a long time car enthusiast. He owns several classic cars across the globe including a Rolls-Royce Ghost as well as a Maybach.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Paras Gupta, The Youngest Rolls-Royce Owner In India

While most of the names in the list are celebrities over a certain age, Paras Gupta takes the title of being the youngest owner of a Rolls-Royce, a Ghost Series II to be specific. Paras Gupta is 22 years old and is a resident of Delhi, who also happens to be the Director of Mother's Pride, a pre-school chain that has outlets across North India.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Adi Godrej

In the list of Indians who own Rolls-Royce comes Adi Godrej, the uber rich businessman and the head of the Godrej Group, who rolls around in a Rolls. Godrej owns a Phantom, in which he is regularly driven to work.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Shiv Nadar

Again, another noticeable businessman. Shiv Nadar, the Founder of HCL owns a shiny Rolls-Royce Phantom, custom built to his needs. Shiv Nadar also happens to own a Mercedes-Benz SEL 300.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

Yohan Poonawalla

Yohan Poonawalla, a stud farm owner owns not one, but multiple Rolls-Royce models from different generations. Yohan is also an avid car collector, and his newest Rolls is the latest Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Indian Celebrity Rolls-Royce Owners

The One Who Didn't Make It

Rolls-Royce is a huge brand in itself and the car company has always tried to maintain its image. The company is known to have refused to sell its cars to people who it thought would not fit its image. One such prominent Indian name is Mallika Sherawat.

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