Buzzworthy Conversations: Saurabh Vatsa, Brand Head, Citroën India Reveals the eC3's Secrets

Citroën shocked the Indian car industry with the reveal of the all-electric eC3 hatchback. The Citroen eC3 will be launching next month in India.

Citroen entered India with the large C5 Aircross SUV but it was the arrival of the C3 hatchback last year on the C-Cubed platform that really started the ball rolling for the French carmaker in India.

At the time of the hatchback's launch, Citroen had revealed that an electric C3 was on the cards. The speed of the switch to electric with the EV dubbed the eC3 - just 6 months - shocked the Indian car industry and left many scratching their heads, wondering just how Citroen had pulled off this electric switcheroo.

So, on the sidelines of the eC3 Review drive, we sat down with Saurabh Vatsa, Brand Head, Citroën India and got all the details on how the French carmaker managed the lightning-quick switch to an electric eC3 in just 6 months.

Vatsa revealed that the C-Cubed platform was developed here in India keeping both ICE and BEV configurations in mind which was the reason why the C3's wheelbase was quite large for a sub-4.0-metre car at 2,540mm.

The fact that the platform was developed from the start to accommodate EVs also explains the quick transition from the C3 to the eC3.

Vatsa also revealed that the long wheelbase was also the reason why the eC3 didn't have to compromise on boot space and the full-sized spare wheel which was something customers desperately wanted the EV to retain.

The battery pack is rated at 320km on a single charge and Vatsa stated that customers can expect anywhere from 240 to 260km in real-world conditions - more than enough for a week's worth of commuting to and from the office.

Vatsa also revealed that the eC3's battery pack would not have any issues if customers only use fast DC chargers to top up the charge. Citroen also opted for a 15A socket-type charger instead of wall boxes to spare customers the hassle that comes with their installation and use especially in cases where RWA and building guidelines can be a hassle.

For fleet operators, the new eC3 will be offered with all possible variants and customisation and aftersales service options with the French brand more than happy to welcome them into the Citroen family. Vatsa stated that fleets with their emissions targets are the fastest way to accelerate EV growth in India.

Citroen will continue to focus on customers first as it looks to enhance its rapport with its customers. Vatsa revealed that Citroen's mobile 'Service on Wheels' platform covered over 150,000km last year.

Thoughts About The Citroen eC3

The Citroen eC3 promises to be a game changer for the French marque in India as it looks to take its quirky styling and customer-first attitude to an eager crowd of customers looking to make the switch to EVs.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 22:49 [IST]
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