Top 10 Best-Selling Car Brands In India (November 2022) - Y-o-Y Sales Up By Nearly 31%

Passenger vehicle sales in India rose by 30.92 per cent Year-over-Year in November 2022 compared to the same period last year as the sales charts continued to be dominated by Maruti Suzuki. Meanwhile, Month-over-Month sales dropped by 4.68 per cent compared to October 2022.

Let's take a look at how the top 10 bestselling car brands in India fared in the month of November 2022...

1) Maruti Suzuki - 132,395 Units

The nation's largest carmaker continued its dominance of the Indian car market with Y-o-Y sales rising by 20.66 per cent or 22,669 units to 132,395 units in November 2022. Month-over-Month sales though dropped by 5.66 per cent or 7,942 units compared to the 140,337 units sold in October 2022.

2) Hyundai - 48,003 Units

Hyundai also saw a big rise in its sales figures last month with Y-o-Y sales rising by 29.73 per cent or 11,002 units to 48,003 units in November 2022. Hyundai's November sales numbers were almost identical to October 2022, rising by just 2 units.

3) Tata Motors - 46,037 Units

Tata Motors finished off the podium for November 2022 with the Mumbai-based carmaker's Y-o-Y numbers rising by 54.60 per cent or 16,259 units to 46,037 units last month. Tata's M-o-M figures were also in the black rising by 1.81 per cent or 820 units compared to October's 45,217 units.

4) Mahindra - 30,392 Units

Utility vehicle specialist Mahindra saw its sales balloon up by 56.19 per cent or 10,934 units to 30,392 units in November 2022. However, M-o-M numbers were in the red, dropping by 5.90 per cent or 1,906 units compared to October's 32,928 units.

5) Kia - 24,025 Units

South Korean marque Kia saw a 69.02 per cent (9,811 units) growth in its Y-o-Y numbers as sales rose to 24,025 units in November. Kia's M-o-M numbers were also up, rising by 3.01 per cent (702 units) compared to October's 23,323 units.

6) Toyota - 11,765 Units

Toyota's Y-o-Y sales numbers dipped by 9.52 per cent or 1,238 units to 11,765 units last month. The Japanese marque's M-o-M numbers were no better, dropping by 10.48 per cent or 1,378 units compared to October 2022's 13,143 units.

7) Honda - 7,051 Units

Honda's Y-o-Y sales numbers rose by a healthy 29.21 per cent or 1,594 units to 7,051 units last month. Honda's M-o-M sales though were down by 26.11 per cent or 2,492 units compared to the 9,543 units sold in October 2022.

8) Renault - 6,330 Units

French carmaker Renault saw its Y-o-Y sales go up last month by 25.30 per cent or 1,278 units rising to 6,330 units. Renault's M-o-M sales numbers though dived by 18.62 per cent or 1,448 units from the 7,778 units sold in October 2022.

9) Skoda - 4,433 Units

Czech carmaker Skoda continued its upward surge in November with its Y-o-Y sales numbers rising by 101.87 per cent or 2,237 units to 4,433 units last month. Skoda's M-o-M numbers were also in the black rising by 30.81 per cent or 1,044 units compared to the 3,389 units sold in October 2022.

10) MG - 4,079 Units

Brit marque MG's sales numbers rose by 64.41 per cent or 1,598 units last month as the Chinese-owned firm sold 4,079 units in November. MG's M-o-M numbers like most of the car industry dipped, falling by 6.59 per cent or 288 units from the 4,367 units sold in October 2022.

Thoughts About Car Sales In November 2022

While Y-o-Y sales numbers rose quite a bit last month, November saw most of the passenger vehicle market falter from the highs of the Dusshera Diwali festive period that encompassed October.

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Article Published On: Monday, December 5, 2022, 11:59 [IST]
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