World's Fastest Electric Car His 412km/h - Can Race Across A Football Field In Less Than 1 Second

The Rimac Nevera has claimed the title of the world's fastest production electric car after it hit a top speed of 412km/h at Automotive Testing Papenburg in Germany.

Before it claimed the record in Germany, the Rimac Nevera's top speed of 412km/h was something the company's engineers had simulated a few years back. Rimac's chief test driver Miro Zrnčević made that number a reality after he unleashed the Nevera at the German test facility.

Zrnčević exited the banked corners of the Automotive Testing Papenburg with the Nevera humming about at just 250km/h. However, once he hit the straights he unleashed the Nevera's full potential of 1,914hp and 2,360Nm of torque through the Michelin Cup 2R tyres.

The result is that the Nevera is is now the world's fastest production car in the world, a result verified using a Racelogic V-box fitted to the car during its speed run. The Nevera's top speed run saw it go faster than the the OG Bugatti Veyron (407km/h), which will tickle the funny bone of many a fan as Rimac now owns Bugatti.

At its top speed of 412km/h, the Rimac Nevera is travelling at 1/3rd the speed of sound. At that speed, the Nevera covers the length of football field (105 metres) in under one second.

Top speed isn't the only thing the Nevera is good at demolishing. The Nevera can sprint from 0-100km/h in just 1.97 seconds and the electric hypercar goes from 0-300km/h in an astounding 9.3 seconds. The Nevera can do all these shenanigans while delivering a range of 550 kilometres on a single charge.

Customer versions of the Nevera, of which only 150 will ever be made, can only hit a top speed of 352km/h due to electronic speed nannies. However, Rimac claims that at special customer events with its support and under controlled conditions even these production cars will be able to achieve the 412km/h top speed.

Rimac has for quite a while been helping out other companies with its electrical knowhow. These companies include the likes of the Koneigsegg, Porsche and the Mahindra-owned Pininfarina which used the Nevera's exact powertrain for its Battista electric hypercar.

Thoughts About The Rimac Nevera

The Rimac Nevera shows that powerful electric cars are not just one trick ponies that can shock people with their acceleration times (Yes, that means you Tesla). The Nevera shows that hitting ridiculous top speeds in a production road car is something that will continue to happen even if we stop burning dinosaurs for fuel.

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Article Published On: Thursday, November 17, 2022, 12:12 [IST]
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