Indian Government Expresses Concern Over Sale Of Vehicles With Low Safety Standards: Full Details Here!

The Government of India has raised their concerns over a report that some auto manufacturers are purposely downgrading the vehicle safety standards for their India-spec models. The government has asked vehicle manufacturers to stop such 'unpardonable' practices and ensure that all vehicles adhere to the vehicle safety rating system of India.

According to PTI, Giridhar Aramane, Secretary, MoRTH addressed the issue at a seminar, organised by SIAM regarding the implementation of vehicle location tracking devices. During the seminar, Aramane also stated that only a few automobile manufacturers have adopted the vehicle safety rating system and that too for only their high-end models.

Aramane further suggested making safety ratings mandatory for all vehicles sold in India. He stated that this will help ensure there is no drop in safety standards, while also make customers aware of what they are purchasing and its implications.

He further stated that vehicle manufacturers play the most significant role in ensuring road safety. Hence it is 'unpardonable' that some manufacturers are downgrading the safety standards while selling them in India. Aramane added that this practice needs to be stopped.

Aramane also referred to the Global NCAP's 'Safer Cars for India' campaign, which clearly highlights his concerns. He noted how many tests on various India-spec models resulted in inferior safety ratings, however, the same model for international markets had better standards. He also noted how many of these models were manufactured in India and exported to other developed markets with better safety ratings.

He also mentioned that the Indian government has mandated a number of safety features such as seatbelt reminders, anti-lock braking system (ABS), rear parking sensors and a few others. However, there are still 'some gaps' and that the vehicle manufacturers need to implement the standards fully across all its models and not just the high-end offerings.

The government themselves are also said to be coming up with new measures to improve road safety. Aramane stated that there will be a scheme in the future for emergency care and cashless treatment for accident victims, along with a vehicle location tracking (VLT).

Thoughts On The Government Raising Concerns Over Vehicle Safety Standards

With the growing demand for vehicles across India, safety ratings have become an important aspect of consideration for customers before purchase. Hence it is important for vehicle manufacturers to ensure all their vehicles follow the set safety standards and not downgrade them for different markets.

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Article Published On: Thursday, February 11, 2021, 11:19 [IST]
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