Tata Motors’ Strides In The Commercial Vehicle Segment: Long Haulage With Tata Trucks

Tata Motors makes some of the best long-haul trucks in the Indian market. It is a well-known fact that Tata motors is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. This is a result of the brand catering to various segments with multiple vehicles and several variants of them. Tata Motors is a pioneer in the commercial vehicle industry and strives to remain a pioneer.

The commercial vehicle industry in India has changed completely in the last decade. It has gone from being a bare-basics and unregulated industry to a tech-based one with fleet management solutions and the like. The trucks too have changed in order to meet the new requirements.

In April 2020, the Indian market switched to the more stringent BS6 emissions norms. This led to manufacturers changing the way commercial vehicles are made. As always, Tata Motors was at the forefront of this major shift.

In the BS6 era, long-haul trucking has moved towards consolidation of loads and trucks covering more distance per day. This is exactly what Tata Motors has been advocating all along. With the advent of BS6 emissions norms, Tata Motors incorporated a new BS6 design philosophy based on the Product Attribute Leadership Strategy.

This new strategy empowered Tata's customers with the 'Power Of 6'
1. Power of Enhanced Performance
2. Power of Total Cost of Ownership
3. Power of Comfort and Convenience
4. Power of Choice
5. Power of Connectivity
6. Power of Total Peace of Mind

It might sound like a complicated business strategy discussed in a presentation. But it is simple really. Tata Motors has implemented the Power of 6 in all of its commercial vehicles and an immense difference is felt in its long-haul trucks.

Tata Motors has basically enhanced performance with its BS6 range of engines and reduced total cost of ownership thanks to better fuel efficiency and low maintenance. All of Tata Motors' commercial vehicle engines offer higher torque outputs and a wider, flatter torque curve.

The bigger long-haul trucks are now powered by Tata's new-generation 5.0-litre Turbotronn engines. Some models feature the Tata Cummins range of engines which is the best-selling Euro 6 engine across the world as they are used by multiple brands in different countries.

Tata Motors offers features like Multi-Mode Fuel Economy Switch, Gear-Shift Advisor, Electronic Anti-Fuel-Theft, Improved Brakes, Engine Brake Assist, Hill Start Assist, Unitised Wheel Bearings, Air-Conditioning with Ambient Air Temperature Sensor, etc. These features greatly increase the driver's capabilities of driving longer distances while reducing operating costs.

Tata Motors offers the Power of Comfort and Convenience through its variety of cabins. In the 19T category, Tata Motors offers the Ultra cabin while the more luxurious Signa cabin is offered in multi-axle trucks and some models of the tractor trailer range.

The comfort and convenience is taken to the next level with the Prima cabin available with the tractor trailer range of trucks. It gets mechanically suspended seats, tilt & telescopic adjust for the steering, and a wider sleeper berth in addition to more utility space, lower NVH levels and higher safety standards.

Tata Motors offers the Power of Choice through its wide variety of trucks starting from its 19T and 28T trucks in the medium CV range, and going up to heavy-duty ones in the 35T, 42T, 48T, and 49T trucks. The brand also retails 55T 4x2 and 55T 6x4 tractor trailers.

Tata's new trucks are tech-savvy with lots of connectivity solutions. 'Tata Motors Fleet Edge' telematics solution allows fleet operators to keep a track of its trucks and all information related to each truck. This ensures lower operating costs and higher profitability.

In addition to all of this, Tata Motors Offers several ownership benefits like 24x7 roadside assistance for trucks under warranty. Tata Kavach ensures that all trucks insured with Tata Insurance are repaired within 15 days in case of an accident.

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Article Published On: Sunday, June 20, 2021, 13:07 [IST]
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