Solis 5015 Hybrid Tractor Launched In India: Prices Start At Rs 7.21 Lakh

International Tractors Ltd (ITL) has launched the new Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor in the Indian market. Prices for the Solis hybrid tractor start at Rs 7.21 lakh (ex-showroom, India). The company says that the new tractor is a 3-in-1 product that will benefit farmers.

The Solis Hybrid 5015 uses a combined powertrain of a diesel engine and an electric motor. The electric motor is coupled to a lithium-ion battery pack. It produces a combined power output of 50bhp. The company has optimised the diesel engine to work efficiently with the electric motor.

As a result, the company claims that the new tractor delivers maximum performance that is similar to a non-hybrid conventionally-powered 60bhp tractor. Despite the performance, the company says the new tractor is also efficient. They claim the new tractor to return efficiency figures that are the same as a 45bhp tractor.

Additionally, the Solis Hybrid 5015 features a couple of features because of the hybrid tech. This includes the 'Power booster' switch placed on the dashboard and a hand-operated lever. These features will help the operator to extract max performance and faster acceleration.

As mentioned before, the Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery. It offers a continuous power supply through a synchro-controller and is maintenance-free. The company claims that the battery can be completely charged within 3 hours via a standard household power socket. The new tractor also features an auto-charging cut-off function that results in longer battery life.

The tractor is also equipped with a 'charging on the go' regen charging system. It will continuously charge the battery when the operator is coasting the tractor. The Solis Hybrid 5015 also features a 'Smart LED display' that provides information regarding the charge percentage and more to the user.

The company has developed the new hybrid tractor in collaboration with its Japanese partner Yanmar Agribusiness Co. The Solis Yanmar range of tractor is being manufactured by ITL at its production plant at Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

According to Raman Mittal, Executive Director, ITL, "We are committed to bringing new-age technologies that exist in developed nations for farmers in India at affordable price. We have raised the innovation bar in the industry with our Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor, which delivers the performance of three tractors.

This is a 50hp tractor fully engineered to work as per situation to deliver superior performance of a 60hp tractor or give the fuel efficiency of a 45hp tractor. Our hybrid tractor comes equipped with advanced features such as E-Powerboost that will enable the farmer to get the power when he needs the most and keep optimising fuel efficiency while operating as regular tractor rest of the time."

He further added, "The Hybrid tractor comes with a lithium-ion battery and advanced motor to reduce pollution and increase farmer confidence for increased productivity. The high voltage tractor battery can be charged with a simple 16A household socket plug and can be fully charged in less than 3 hours."

Thoughts About The Solis 5015 Hybrid Tractor Launched In India

The Solis 5015 Hybrid tractor will help farmers extract maximum performance and fuel efficiency. The combined power output will also help in reduced emission levels and improve the air quality index. The demand for green vehicles is growing at a rapid pace across all sectors in Automotive Industry.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 17:42 [IST]
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