Omega Seiki To Introduce Solid-State Battery Equipped EVs In India: Here Are All The Details

Omega Seiki has announced that it will be introducing solid-state battery technology in India. The company has partnered with the New York-based C4V to introduced the new battery technology in the country.

The solid-state battery technology will be introduced for the first time in the Indian market. The MoU signed by both brands will enable Omega Seiki to use the new battery technologies in its range of electric vehicles sold in the country.

The solid-state battery technology offers the most bang for the buck. The batteries using the solid-state technology will relatively have higher energy density without breaking the bank as compared to the conventional Li-ion battery pack.

The main difference between solid-state and lithium-ion batteries is down to the use of their materials. The Li-ion battery uses a liquid electrolytic solution to regulate electric flow, whereas solid-state batteries use a solid electrolyte.

As a result, the solid-state battery has a higher energy density and can store around twice as much energy as compared to the lithium-ion battery pack. This means solid-state batteries can provide almost double the range on a single battery charge. The use of solid electrolyte also results in a smaller form factor, longer lifespan, and increased safety over the Li-ion battery packs.

C4V will begin to supply a (BM-LMP) Bio-mineralized lithium mixed metal phosphate battery. These battery packs are free from toxic and hazardous components and also Nickel and Cobalt free. It has an energy density of 200 watts/kg which is 20% more than the lithium ferrous phosphate batteries available in the market.

However, the battery maker plans to produce Solid State batteries with 400Wh/kg energy density in India. Adoption of these batteries will help in faster, safer and affordable EVs in the Indian market.

According to a life cycle assessment done by New York State Government's NYSERDA, the solid-state battery pack will have around 85 per cent less carbon footprint and will have twice the life cycle of traditional lithium-ion batteries.

C4V informed that the batteries manufacturing plant would start supplies from the second half of the current year. The location for manufacturing would be announced soon as the company is in serious discussions with several state Govts. Omega plans to start testing the solid-state batteries in their vehicles soon and would be the first company in India fitted with these batteries.

Speaking on the partnership with C4V, Mr Uday Narang, Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility said, "Omega Seiki is all set to revolutionise the electric vehicle market in India with these new C4V batteries. Not only are they environmentally friendly but also have a higher energy density, allowing our vehicles to go the extra mile. We believe in offering our consumers the best and with solid-state batteries, the latest in battery technology available globally, we hope to make another smart move towards PM Modi's vision of 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'."

Dr Deb Mukherji, Managing Director, Omega Seiki Mobility, added, "C4V India is going to be a major player in solid-state batteries globally, not only for India as we will export our vehicles soon. Not only are they environmentally friendly but also have a higher energy density, allowing our vehicles to go the extra mile. This is a top-notch technology enhancement for our vehicles and as Technology in Motion company, we are very pleased to be the first in the market to work with the solid-state technology."

Shailesh Upreti, Founder of C4V said "India certainly requires best in class technology for domestic battery manufacturing and we are very excited and proud to bring this to India. Our batteries custom are designed to meet emerging market needs and our manufacturing platform is highly compatible with countries yet to develop a cell manufacturing supply chain. We are looking at a modest speed scale up to a target of 5GW in 3 years from now."

Thoughts About The Omega Seiki Introducing Solid State Batteries In India

Solid-state battery technology is certainly the future of EVs in the world. The battery technology offers an enhanced range and life span to support long-range electric vehicles. Despite being a huge improvement over the current crop of li-ion batteries, the solid-state batteries do not break the bank. Kudos to Omega Seiki & CV4.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 12:08 [IST]
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