Kia To Go Into Full EV Mode By 2040

South Korean carmaker Kia has announced plans to go fully electric by 2040. Kia, which is one of the carmakers under the Hyundai Motor Group umbrella, has also stated that it plans to go fully carbon neutral across its supply chain and manufacturing network by the year 2045.

Kia To Go Fully Electric By 2040 - Will Become Carbon Neutral By 2045

Speaking at the announcement of its new plans to achieve carbon neutrality, Hosung Song, President and CEO of Kia said, "For us, it is not only about setting goals and reaching targets. It is about setting a vision that will inspire others to join the movement to benefit humanity and protect the environment. In line with our vision of becoming a sustainable mobility solutions provider, we commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045."

Kia To Go Fully Electric By 2040 - Will Become Carbon Neutral By 2045

As part of its plan to become carbon neutral by 2045, Kia has stated that it will only sell electric vehicles all around the world by 2040. In Europe, Kia has accelerated this process and plans to go fully electric in the continent by 2035.

Kia is currently set to unveil the EV9 concept SUV in a few days at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The new SUV will be part of a host of new electric vehicles from Kia and its sister company Hyundai that are expected to arrive in the next five years. The company already signalled its electric ambition earlier this year when it released the Kia EV6 a cope SUV that boasts a range of 525 kilometres.

Kia To Go Fully Electric By 2040 - Will Become Carbon Neutral By 2045

Kia along with its sister company Hyundai are also currently working on two new hydrogen fuel cell powertrains. Cars powered by the two new hydrogen fuel cell powertrains will hit the streets in 2023. The first wave of cars powered by these new fuel cell powertrains is initially expected to be Hyundai branded vehicles. The new tech is expected to make its way into Kia models a little time after the Hyundai's foray.

In addition to the new electric vehicles, Kia has stated that all of its production plants will run on renewable energy by 2040. To help accomplish this goal, Kia will actively transition to solar energy electricity generation for business sites in Korea, the US, China, and India.

Kia To Go Fully Electric By 2040 - Will Become Carbon Neutral By 2045

Kia is also looking at recycling the battery cells used by its new electric cars. Kia is currently working with other companies to turn its used batteries into energy storage systems with pilot projects set to go live as early as next year.

The company is also working on multiple projects to help clean up the planet including the Blue Carbon project that will see the company will restore and preserve Korea's coastal wetlands in collaboration with external partners. Blue carbon is the term used to refer to the carbon absorbed and stored in seaweed and mudflats effectively diminishing the amount found in the atmosphere.

Kia To Go Fully Electric By 2040 - Will Become Carbon Neutral By 2045

Kia is also working with the non-profit organization, 'The Ocean Cleanup', which is looking to clean up polluting plastic that is clogging up the earth's oceans and waterways. Kia will use the recycled plastic picked up by The Ocean Cleanup as raw material for use in its cars. Kia has also stated that it will be using up to 20 per cent recycled plastic in its cars by 2030.

Thoughts On Kia's Plans To Go Green

Kia is one of many carmakers across the world pledging to go fully electric to help save the planet. Kia already has a few EVs in the global market today. If the company plans to hasten its progress on the EV path, then we are all for it.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 10:30 [IST]
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