Ethanol-Fueled Vehicles In India Get Big Boost — New Scheme For Ethanol-Powered Vehicles

The Government of India has decided to allow ethanol-based 'flex-engines'. The news came to lime-light after Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari confirmed this at an event.

In an age where green vehicles and renewable fuels are considered the saviour of the environment, this move by the Indian government is big news. Nitin Gadkari also added that the ethanol replacing the fossil fuel will be produced from local farm produce, and he will be implementing the scheme within the next three months.

He also added that other countries like Brazil, USA and Canada already have flex engines that are powered by farm-produced ethanol and manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota have developed such vehicles that run on these alternative fuels.

Switching to locally-produced ethanol as fuel will help our country by relying less on crude oil imports, and the pollution by using such fuels will also reduce drastically. A litre of ethanol is expected to cost anywhere between Rs 60-62, whereas a litre of petrol costs almost Rs 100.

The Government has also given permission to establish 100-percent ethanol fuel pumps in the country. The Prime Minister recently inaugurated two such fuel pumps in Pune. "We can make ethanol from sugarcane juice molasses and now the government is giving permission to make ethanol from food grains that are from rice, corn and food grains," added Nitin Gadkari.

At present, our country allows for a 20% ethanol blend in fossil fuels, and manufacturers like TVS and Bajaj have already developed two-wheelers that run on these fuels. If this scheme is implemented, more auto companies will follow suit and we can expect more eco-friendly vehicles to be launched in the country.

Thoughts On Indian Government Introducing Ethanol-Based Flex Engines

This move from the government will benefit many automotive users in the country and will reduce the country's reliance on other countries for fuel and will positively affect the environment. How much of our produce will go into making Ethanol for our vehicles, is yet another issue that remains to be addressed.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 18:41 [IST]
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