Supreme Court Recalls Order Dated 27 March That Allowed For Extended Sales Of BS4 Vehicles

The Supreme Court of India has recalled its order dated 27 March that had allowed for manufacturers to sell BS4 vehicles for 10 days across India (except Delhi-NCR) after the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

The Bench noted that the automobile dealers association had violated the court's orders and had not followed directives. The Bench observed that sales figures for BS4 vehicles showed an increase during the last week of March. It also observed a number of online transactions.

The Supreme Court's recall of its orders from 27 March is expected to have an impact on registration of the vehicles sold during the period. In addition, the Court has asked the dealers association to give them details about vehicles that have been sold to the government. A court hearing has been scheduled for 23 july.

The Bench, that included Justices Arun Mishra, S A Nazeer, and Indrira Banerjee conducted the initial hearing via a video conference, noted the violations, and advised the automotive dealers association not to take advantage of the court by playing fraud.

Vehicles sold after 31 March, and vehicles that do not have details registered on the government's e-Vahan portal will not be registered. The apex court had allowed dealers to sell BS4 compliant vehicles for 10 days in order to make up for losses over a six day period because of the lockdown that came into effect on 25 march.

Details of over 17,000 vehicles have not been uploaded to the portal. The Court has asked the government for the e-Vahan data, and has allowed for registration of BS4 vehicles sold on or before 31 March. The court has asked for details of vehicles that were sold after 31 March as well.

The automobile dealers association has filed an affidavit stating that under 10 percent of existing BS4 stocks were sold within the 10 days of lifting the lockdown.

The association also said that all orders issued by the Supreme Court have been followed and that there was no flouting or violations of directives. The association has also shared data of the vehicles sold on or before 31 March.

As is, the Supreme Court says that there are over 2.25 lakh vehicles that still had to be registered as of 31 March - figures in excess of the 1.05 lakh two-wheelers, 2,250 passenger vehicles, and 2,000 commercial vehicles that the court had allowed for.

The courts were notified during March that there were roughly seven lakh two-wheelers, about 15,000 passenger vehicles, and 12,000 commercial vehicles from BS4 stocks.

Thoughts About The Supreme Court Recalling Its 27 March Order That Allowed For Sales Of BS4 Vehicles For 10 Days After The Lockdown

This should have been done earlier. Indians are unable to comprehend law, rules, regulations, mandates, orders, and directives. We're surprised the Supreme Court of India thought that orders would be followed. We can't help but chuckle at the situation.

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Article Published On: Friday, July 10, 2020, 14:30 [IST]
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