Sixty Five Percent Of Trucks Nationwide Lie Idle: AIMTC Blames Increasing Fuel Prices

The country's truck operator's body, the All India Motor Transport Congress has announced that increasing fuel prices have resulted in 65 percent of trucks across the country sitting idle.

The AIMTC also added that a lack of on-ground relief for transporters and goods carriers, and corruption have also added to the number of trucks that are unable to generate any income.

The All India Motor Transport Congress is the largest and prime body of transporters in the country, and represents roughly 95 lakh truckers, and other entities that are connected to the transport industry.

The body said that truckers face extortion at border check-posts across the state, and an increase of fuel prices for a 16th consecutive day has made operations more difficult.

The body says that the Government has failed to offer any relief to the road transport sector, and hasn't facilitated an environment for the industry to bounce back.

The AIMTC said, "Even after writing to the Hon'ble Prime Minister, the situation on the ground has not changed. The corruption in various states like in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Delhi at the hands of RTOs and police is getting unbearable."

The AIMTC has asked for a Government intervention, and has stated that a disruption in transport services was inevitable if the Central and State Governments do nothing.

Mr Kultaran Singh Atwal, the President at the All India Motor Transport Congress said, "The operations are increasingly becoming unviable as about 60 per cent of the transport operating cost is of diesel and about 20 per cent constitute toll."

"Already, the demand is low and the idling of the vehicles is at about 65 per cent. More and more small operators are going bust and vehicles are coming to a halt," he added.

The body says that smaller operators are struggling to repay loans against their vehicles. They also report harassment by banks who threaten to seize vehicles if payments are not made. These factors add to an already long list of difficulties.

The body has sought a minimum rescue package from the Central Government stating that the trucking and road transport industry was hit rather hard because of the Covid-19 situation and the lockdown that was called for as a result.

Thoughts About 65 Percent Of Trucks Lying Idle Because Of An Increase In Fuel Prices

This is bad news. The nation depends on the trucking and road transport industry, and a crippled logistics network will have a devastating result for the national economy. Corruption, and bank terrorism is almost a norm in the industry, add to that increasing petrol and diesel prices on a daily basis.

Like adding fuel to the fire, literally.

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Article Published On: Monday, June 22, 2020, 18:26 [IST]
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