NHAI Collects Rs 20 Crore In Fines From Vehicles Without FASTags

The National Highway Authority of India has said that is collected a total of Rs 20 crore from roughly 18 lakh defaulters. The collection figures stand as of Sunday, and were collected from motorists who entered FASTag lanes at toll plazas without tags.

NHAI Collects Rs 20 Crore In Fines From Vehicles Without FASTags

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways rolled out the FASTag toll collection programme last December, and also announced at the time that double the toll fee would be charged to motorists entering a FASTag lane without a tag after the deadline.

The NHAI said that double the fee was being charged in order to get the general populous who do not have tags to switch to them faster, and to encourage faster adoption of digital toll collection across the National Highway network across the country.

The FASTag system uses Radio Frequency identification sticker on the vehicle's windscreen to collect toll payments without the need for the vehicle to stop, resulting in easing lives of commuters and reducing time spent at toll collection plazas.

The NHAI says that over 1.55 crore FASTags have been issued vial multiple point of sale locations including banks, Regional Transport Offices, and at the toll plazas themselves. The FASTags are responsible for a collection of about Rs 40 lakh a day, and the NHAI feels this shows that the general public are accepting of the digital system for toll collection.

The implementation of FASTags across the country appears to have met with an agreeable response so far, and the government feels that the adoption of FASTags has brought much needed transparency in revenues across toll collection booths across the country. 

NHAI Collects Rs 20 Crore In Fines From Vehicles Without FASTags1

In a bid to increase adoption and increase digital collection of revenue, that National Highway Authority recently announced a waiver of Rs 100 on the FASTags. The discount is on offer until the end of February. Any motorist can visit an authorised point of sale and acquire a FASTag by paying a refundable security deposit of Rs 200, and will have to buy a recharge to activate the tag.

Thoughts About The Rs 20 Crore Collected From 18 Lakh Defaulter By The NHAI

Well, we're never truly surprised by the amounts the Indian Government mange to collect via fines and penalties. What we'd like to know is where the 20 crore rupees are hidden now. In fact, we're readying ourselves for a future 'FASTag Scam' to break headlines.

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Article Published On: Monday, February 24, 2020, 14:19 [IST]
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