Mahindra’s Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Specialty Vehicle Exported To UN For Peacekeeping Mission

Mahindra & Mahindra's Military Defence Division's Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Speciality Vehicle that has been designed, researched and developed in India is now being exported to the United Nations for peacekeeping operations.

The special armoured carrier offers fantastic ballistic and mine protection and is stable and relentless even in the most challenging situations.

The Mahindra MPV-i features top and side protection of CEN Level B6 and blast protection upto Stanag Level 4A. This means that the vehicle can take on a direct hit from 7.62x51mm, 5.56×45mm, 7.62×39mm NATO rounds fired at a distance of 10-meters.

The MPV-i is also capable of protecting soldiers and other occupants against TNT explosives up to 14 kilograms, and Improvised Explosive Devices packed with up to kilograms of warheads, from a distance of five meters and 1.5-meters from the ground.

Mahindra's Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Speciality Vehicle is powered by a V6 turbocharged intercooled diesel engine that produces 250hp at 1,200 rpm and 960Nm torque at 1,200 rpm. The engine comes mated to a 6×6 transmission.

The vehicle features multi-leaf spring suspension at the front and Bogue suspension at the rear. Braking duties handled by a pneumatic dual brake circuit of 10 bar system for all six-wheels. The vehicle offers a 21-meter turning radius and arrives with 14R 20W RFS tyres.

Safety features that are offered as a standard on the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Speciality Vehicle include a roof hatch, an intercom system, weapon ports, and a public addressing system.

The vehicle also arrives with a blast protected fuel tank, engine, & protection, multi layered ballistic glass, a run-flat tyre system and multiple configuration rear seats.

The brand also offers optional add-on features that include satellite communication, tactical command & control mapping, a tactical radio, surveillance equipment, a laser range finder and a rapid deployment broadband.

Also available as optional features are an advanced light package, a multipurpose pulse Doppler radar system, and a GPS, and satellite navigation system that supports high-frequency, very high-frequency, and ultra high-frequency, a fire suppression system, and acoustic multi-mission sensors.

Thoughts About Mahindra's Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Speciality Vehicle

Congratulations to Mahindra's Military Defence Division for having manufactured a military vehicle that is so robust and efficient that the United Nations wants to use it for peacekeeping missions. Hats off to Made-in-India!

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Article Published On: Friday, July 17, 2020, 9:47 [IST]
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