This ‘Upside-Down’ Car Is One Of The Strangest Cars In The World — Watch The Video Of It In Action

We've come across a lot of weird and quirky-looking vehicles in our life. Some of these examples were intentionally pushed out of the factory in that way, in order to provide a unique character or an emotional-connect with the driver.

Certain buyers are very particular when it comes to making their vehicles stand apart from the rest. If the manufacturer fails to do so, they take things to their own hands to make it happen.

Here is one such example — the 'Upside-Down' 1991 Ford Ranger.

The unique creation budded from the imagination of Rick Sullivan; owner of an automobile body shop in Clinton, Illinois. While most others would personalise their car by adding some eye-catching bodywork or increasing its horsepower, this fine chap decided to turn it upside-down.

No, he didn't topple the '90s pickup truck, but flipped and modified its body to look as if the car is running with the wheels in the air. As absurd and strange as it seems, we just love this project!

Apparently, the wild modification idea popped up in Rick's head when he was towing a flipped-over Ford F-150 pickup. Knowing the challenges and ridiculousness involved, he decided not to let go of his idea.

Finally, with the help of his co-workers and six demanding months, the upside-down Ford Ranger became a reality. A good majority of its parts were borrowed from a '95 Ford F-150. He kept passion over professionalism and did not even bother preparing a blueprint. His hands just did what his head told.

The team did meet a lot of hurdles in the process, but were able to finish the project for around 6000 US dollars (roughly Rs 4.25 lakh in direct conversion). The final product lived up to Rick's expectations.

As you can see, the upside-down car is no shabby project. The body lines, wheels and chrome reflect quality work, and is in all ways a clean mod.

Even the wheels dangling in the air are motorised to spin according to the vehicle's motion. The licence plate, on the other hand, reads "FLIPOVR" and is left the way it is supposed to.

However, the most interesting fact about the upside-down truck is that it is road-legal!

To know more about Rick Sullivan and his awesome project, watch this video:

Thoughts On The 'Upside-Down' Ford Ranger

Rick Sullivan has pulled off an engineering marvel out of his Ford Ranger. Those who see it in person are actually left confused whether it is a real thing or if the previous day's intoxication is kicking in a bit late.

The 'FLIPOVR' has definitely won a lot of hearts in Illinois and proved that there are no limitations to the art of engineering.

Video Source: RidiculousRides

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Article Published On: Saturday, January 26, 2019, 20:00 [IST]
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