UP Politician Attempts Using A Gun To Clear Traffic; Gets Roughed Up By The Public

A politician was recently roughed up by the public after he pulled out a gun to clear out traffic in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP politician brandished the gun in order to show his dominance in traffic, expecting people to be scared of him.

Uttar Pradesh Politician Uses Gun To Clear Traffic On Highway: Public Roughs Him Up

The result, however, was completely different with the public teaching him a lesson. Powerplay or display of influence is not an uncommon phenomenon in India. People in powerful positions sometimes display their influence through different means. Politicians and government officials are more exuberant in this matter.

Private vehicles owned by politicians and government officials are often seen with stickers that proclaim, ‘MLA, MP, Govt. of India, Police, etc.' In-fact, it was recently declared illegal to have such stickers on private vehicles.

Uttar Pradesh Politician Uses Gun To Clear Traffic On Highway: Public Roughs Him Up

Some other officials take one step ahead and install sirens and flashing lights in their cars. Now this case of a politician brandishing a gun just takes things to the next level. The video uploaded by UP Tak shows the standoff between the public and the politician.

The video does not show the politician waving the gun, but does show the public accusing him of doing so. The incident took place on a highway in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, that was clogged with traffic.

Uttar Pradesh Politician Uses Gun To Clear Traffic On Highway: Public Roughs Him Up

Thousands of vehicles were stuck in a traffic jam for a long time. Among the thousands of vehicles was the BJP politician's Honda WR-V. It appears as though the politician got tired of waiting for the jam to clear and pulled out a gun, expecting people to get frightened and move out of the way.

However, it looks like the people were tired of the traffic themselves and felt threatened by the gun-wielding politician. Soon, a mob gathered and pulled the politician out of his car. This is when the video was shot.

Uttar Pradesh Politician Uses Gun To Clear Traffic On Highway: Public Roughs Him Up

The driver of the politician's Honda WR-V is heard defending him saying he is not a bad person. However, the mob was in no position to listen as they had all seen him waving the gun around. The intention of the mob it seems, was to take away the gun from the man. However, he held onto his firearm.

After a while, the mob let him go after thoroughly shaking him up. The police later announced that the politician has been booked under the respective sections of law, but failed to specify what these sections were. He could go to jail if he did not possess a license for the gun.

Thoughts On Politician Pulling Out A Gun To Clear Traffic In Uttar Pradesh

The mob taught the politician a good lesson, but this was done in an extremely dangerous manner. This is an incident that could have easily gone horribly wrong in a moment. The very fact that the politician pulled out a gun to clear traffic shows that he didn't mind creating trouble.

One cannot think of his mind's condition and the thoughts running through it at that particular time. If he was in an unstable frame of mind, he could have shot one or more members of the mob that gathered around him. If not on purpose, it could have happened while the mob was trying to force him into handing over the gun. One must always try to avoid road rage at any cost.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 16:10 [IST]
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