Toyota Innova Rolls Over Thrice In Crash; Airbags Fail To Deploy

A Toyota Innova Crysta has crashed and the results are terrifying. The Toyota Innova Crysta was being driven in Ludhiana when it collided with another car and rolled over. The collision appears to have happened at a high speed.

Pictures of the car posted on Team-BHP show the badly damaged MPV at the side of the road, waiting for it to be lifted onto a flatbed. According to the owner of the car it, the other car involved in the collision was a Hyundai that entered the main road from a slip road at high speed without looking at traffic on the main road.

The Innova Crysta seems to have been at high speed on the main road when the Hyundai joined the main road. The impact clearly shows that the driver of the Innova swerved to the right to avoid the collision but it was too late.

The front-left side of the MPV bore the brunt of the impact and then rolled over. The front-left of the Innova acted as the Pivot, rolling the car onto its roof. The owner claims that the car rolled over thrice before finally coming to a halt.

Inside the Toyota Innova was the driver, and two kids who were the car owners' nephews. All three occupants escaped with just a few scratches and chest pain, and no major injuries. None of the airbags in the MPV deployed and the owner of the car is clearly upset with this.

The Toyota Innova in question is a top-spec model that comes with seven airbags and none of them deployed during the accident. On the outlook, it seems like the airbags not being deployed is a big flaw.

However, there might be many reasons for this. Airbags are the secondary restraint system (SRS) while the primary restraint system is the seatbelt for passengers. The primary safety system though are the crumple zones built into the chassis and bodywork of the vehicle. Airbags are deployed when its sensors are triggered.

These sensors get triggered when impact is detected and there is substantial weight on the seats. In this case, the children were seated in the second row of the Toyota Innova Crysta and were strapped in with the seatbelt.

However, the sensors would have detected that there are no occupants sitting on the seats. This is because, the force with which an airbag deploys could hurt children more than an accident would.

It does look like there could be a fault with the car since the driver's airbag too didn't deploy. The entire left side of the front bumper has been torn off and the headlamp destroyed and there is no way that the airbag sensors weren't triggered.

The vehicle even rolled over multiple times, making it all the more apparent that at least the drivers' airbag should have been activated. This being said, we also have to say that the crumple zones and crash protection built into the body of the Toyota Innova did their job brilliantly. The occupants were safe despite having such a bad crash.

Thoughts On Toyota Innova Crysta Crashes & None Of The 7 Airbags Deploy

The Toyota Innova Crysta is one of the most well-built cars. However, it is possible that there could be a fault in the way the sensors were connected. Still, kudos to the build quality, its occupants were safe even in a major crash. The owner intends to take up the issue legally and with higher Toyota officials.

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Article Published On: Monday, June 17, 2019, 13:34 [IST]
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