Toyota Corolla Owner Gets Car Wrapped In Cow Dung — Jugaad Level 9999

We're in the middle of Summer and we're experiencing average temperatures of about 42 degrees across the country. What we do to beat the heat is use air conditioning, at home, and in our cars. While most cars have excellent cabin cooling systems, we do experience some times, the need for alternate cooling methods. A lady in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has come up with a genius idea — wrap your car with cow dung.

See us Indians are known for a little some thing called 'Jugaad'. It is quite an innovative concept. Making her name to the top of the 'Jugaad' list is, a Toyota Corolla Altis owner from Ahmedabad. Facebook was flooded with pictures of the Corolla covered in cow dung.

The photograph was shared by a certain Mr Rupesh Gauranga Das via his Facebook account. The caption under the picture said. "Best use of cow dung I have ever seen."

Indians are using interesting ways to keep their cars cool. A few days ago ago there was news of a Jaguar owner who installed a thatched roof to keep his car cool. But this is next level. Forget about the cabin, the Toyota Corolla Altis owner wanted a cooling solution for the entire vehicle.

We assume the owner had a discussion with friends and family, and the end result was shit, literally. The job looks like it has been done by a professional. This is possibly the best Eco-friendly wrap we've seen on a car. Whoever did this shitty wrap job (pun intended) has paid a lot of attention. The grille, the Toyota badges, and the parking sensors have all been catered for.

Another assumption is that the owner of the Toyota Corolla Altis has figured out a way to deal with the odour of the cow dung. Cow dung has been used for generation in villages to keep houses cool on the inside, but we're sure most of us have seen just images or videos of it as part of a larger documentary.

How effective is this? For a little house in a village, very effective. For a sedan, may be so some extent. The trouble here is that the cow dung has to deal with heat from both sides, the sun, and the engine under the bonnet. So while the idea is genius, it's effectiveness is still debatable.

Cow dung is a natural insulator that blocks the transfer of heat from the outside, resulting in cooler interiors. That is the only reason people who live in rural areas use it for cooling. This however, has to be the first time for any automotive vehicle.

We can tell from the pictures that the owner is a Jugaad freak. The ORVM on the right is black, the one on the left is silver, and the next level wrap job. We assume that the vehicle is white in colour, just like a majority of the cars in Gujarat.

There are but two things that keep us thinking — one, what happens if one accidentally brushes past the car? And two, will the paint come off when the cow dung is taken off? Cow dung does tend to leave marks on wall paint so we're wondering what the owner has planned for later.

Thoughts About The Cow Dung Covered Toyota Corolla Altis

This, dear readers, is the epitome of Jugaad. We bet no one thought of this, not in a million year. To the owner of the vehicle we'd like to say thank you for making our day, and if you happen to read this, please let us know if the cow dung wrap works. Also please put us in touch with the guy who did the wrap job.

Outside of that, we raise our cups full of engine oil, and toast to that heard of cows!

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Article Published On: Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 14:33 [IST]
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