Tesla Model 3 Drifts In The Snow — Tesla Track Mode Works Its Magic

Video of Tesla Model 3 drifting in the snow goes viral after Tesla posts the video on its YouTube channel. The days when electric cars were termed boring and un-adrenaline-friendly are long gone.

Tesla Model 3 Drifts In Snow; Displays Technical Prowess

Tesla waltzed into the scene and pulled the electric car industry to the level it is now at. Tesla's cars were insanely fast, with the Model S in ludicrous mode accelerating faster than most supercars and they handled well too.

Tesla Model 3 Drifts In Snow; Displays Technical Prowess

Now, the video that has come out shows that one can have crazy amounts of fun in a Tesla too. The snow-clad winter seasons are usually when most people prefer staying indoors, but petrolhead tradition calls for drivers to come out with their cars and have fun and that is exactly what Tesla decided to do with this Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Drifts In Snow; Displays Technical Prowess

The Tesla drifting video is more a technological prowess showoff. The Tesla Model 3 is driven by two motors - one for each axle. The motors are capable of sending torque individually to each wheel and this is controlled digitally depending on the traction each wheel has.

Tesla Model 3 Drifts In Snow; Displays Technical Prowess

In a situation where there is snow, the traction and grip levels on each wheel changes from second to second. What this means is that, the Tesla should ideally be putting power to the wheels in such a way that the car should go up in the safest and straightest way possible.

Tesla Model 3 Drifts In Snow; Displays Technical Prowess

But then, this is not a normal Tesla model. This is the Model 3, with the Track Mode driving option. The track mode according to Tesla should make highly technical driving effortless. Highly technical driving being made effortless is exactly what we see in this video here.

Tesla Model 3 Drifts In Snow; Displays Technical Prowess

It is a short 15-second video clip, but showcases how far electric cars have come; more specifically, Tesla's electric cars. When placed on tarmac, the Tesla Model 3 is capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in just 3.3 seconds and it will go on to touch a top speed of 250km/h.

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Thoughts On Tesla Model 3 Drifting In Snow

Long-gone are the days when electric vehicles were considered boring and drab. Thanks to Tesla, electric cars are ludicrously fast and they are also fun-to-drive. Would you still prefer a petrol-powered fire-breather? Or would you take an environment-friendly car that can give you the same thrills as a petrol-powered car?

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Article Published On: Thursday, January 17, 2019, 20:00 [IST]

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