Tesla Dog Mode Lets You Leave Your Pets Safely In The Car — Watch The Video

Tesla has come up with the perfect solution to let users leave their pets in the car with absolute peace of mind. Dubbed as Dog Mode, the feature lets Tesla owners create a comfortable environment inside the cabin so that their furry friends can remain calm and safe.

Along with Dog Mode, Tesla has also introduced a class-leading security feature known as Sentry Mode — know more details here.

Tesla Dog Mode (and Sentry Mode) will debut in the Tesla Model 3 as an OTA (Over-The-Air) update and gradually make its way to the Model S and Model X. It is quite amusing to see that automotive technology has come to an extent that you can get new features in a car on the go; just like a smartphone software update.

Coming back to the Dog Mode, it is a common practice among pet lovers to take their dogs (or cats) for occasional 'sight-seeing' in the car. However, the trouble starts when they have to park the car somewhere and leave their pet(s) unattended. The case will be even worse if the car has to be parked under direct sunlight. For the air-conditioning to work, the engine has to run. For obvious reasons, leaving the car running with an animal inside isn't a good option.

Tesla Dog Mode: Working Explained

Tesla's new Dog Mode aims to be the perfect solution to this (of course, without an engine to run as well).

In addition to setting the climate control at a comfortable level, Tesla Dog Mode also shows the cabin temperature on the large touchscreen so that concerned passersby can be relieved that the animals are doing fine.

Dog Mode can be activated by the following process:

  • Tap the fan icon at the bottom of the screen when the Tesla is parked
  • Set Keep Climate On to DOG
  • Adjust the temperature
  • Dog Mode will be enabled and you can leave the car

When the car's battery goes below 20 per cent, the owners will receive a notification on the Tesla smartphone app.

In certain countries, it is illegal to leave animals unattended in a car. In such cases, Tesla Dog Mode can still invite a legal action despite causing no discomfort to the animals.

Tesla Dog Mode: Working Explained

Tesla had already introduced a similar feature back in 2016. Called Cabin Overheat Protection, the feature can keep the cabin at a safe temperature for hours even when the car is off; thanks to the brand's advanced battery systems.

Thoughts On Tesla Dog Mode

Tesla has once again proved that electric cars need not be just ugly and boring automobiles with an only advantage of not causing any pollution (directly). Tesla products look good, are fast, and come with some cool features; the latest Dog Mode and Sentry Mode being just two of the many examples to come in the future.

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Article Published On: Monday, February 18, 2019, 16:28 [IST]

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