Shell Launches e-Fluids For Electric Vehicles: Includes e-Transmission Fluids & e-Thermal Fluids

Shell has launched e-fluids for electric vehicles. In what is being seen as the biggest move yet to tap into the growing electric vehicle market, the Shell Oil Company has launched e-fluids. The e-fluids include e-Transmission lube, e-Thermal fluids and e-Greases.

The electric vehicle industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world if not the fastest. At 40-50 percent per annum, it has one of the highest growth rates. Several countries around the world are providing incentives to those who are making the shift to electric vehicles.

In a few countries, governments have even resorted to banning old fossil-fueled vehicles in a few categories. These measures are being taken to reduce or completely nullify pollution as part of the roadmap to sustainable mobility solutions.

Everything considered, it is obvious that the electric vehicle industry has been growing at a rapid pace and it is also evident that the growth of this industry is not one which is going to lose steam anytime soon.

Given these circumstances, Shell has taken the initiative to adapt to the changing requirements of the industry. The Shell Oil Company was founded in 1912 and the company has been dealing with oil and gas production.

It is one of the largest oil companies in the world and has come to be known for retailing quality oil and gas products like petrol, diesel, CNG, etc. Alongside the business of producing and retailing fuels for internal combustion engines, Shell also deals with the manufacturing and retail of engine oil, brake fluid, coolants and other lubricants.

With the ongoing green car revolution, the best Shell could do is add hydrogen fuels to its retail lineup in the few countries that permit it. Now though, Shell has found yet another way to contribute to the eco-friendly vehicles revolution.

According to the American Oil Company, the lubricants developed for internal combustion engines are not suitable for use in electric vehicles. The lubricants developed for petrol, diesel and CNG engines are designed to operate under extreme pressure and heat caused by the burning of fuel.

Electric motors and electric vehicles too require lubrication but there is less pressure and lesser heat compared to internal combustion engines. According to Shell, the new e-fluids reduce the lifecycle emissions of electric vehicles while increasing efficiency and lifespan by optimising the EV performance.

e-Transmission lubricants are used to ensure smooth functioning of the gears outside the electric motor. e-Thermal fluids are basically coolants that can be used to keep the battery pack and electric motor at optimum operating temperatures.

e-Greases are used to lubricate the few moving parts in an electric vehicle's drivetrain system.

Thoughts On Shell e-Fluids For Electric Vehicles

Shell is among the top fuel and lubricant manufacturers in the world. Most performance car and bike users prefer using Shell fuels in their vehicles. When it comes to lubricants, the best of the best rely on Shell.

Ferrari's cars are filled with Shell lubricants at the factory in Maranello, Italy before being shipped to customers throughout the world. Even the Scuderia Ferrari motorsports teams including Formula One use Shell lubricants. It will be no surprise to see the Shell e-Fluids being used by the top electric vehicle manufacturers in the world.

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Article Published On: Friday, June 7, 2019, 11:48 [IST]
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