A Tribute To Thor — Norway's Taxis Get Wireless Charging!

Norway is more Electric Vehicle friendly than any other nation. According to the International Energy Agency, 46,143 new electric cars were purchased in the country. By contrast, the latest (2015) consensus shows only 6000 registered electric vehicles in India. 

Norway's capital Oslo is set to become the first city in the world to feature wireless induction based charging stations for its fleet of electric taxis. The countries mission is to have a zero-emission taxi system by 2023, and to be fully electric by 2025.

Finland-based utilities firm, Fortum is on board to install charging plates in the road networks. These charging plates connect to energy receivers installed within the vehicles. The idea is to make it as easy as possible to charge electric taxis while on the move. Norway feels the current setup is time consuming and expensive. Induction based technology is more efficient because taxis can be charged while they wait in a taxi rank, and during a slow moving queue while waiting for passengers. 

"The future is electric, and it is already here, right now. Wireless charging is a potential game changer," said Sture Portvik, Oslo's Electro Mobility Manager, "from 2023 onward, all taxis in Oslo will be zero emission. Together with the taxi industry we will make sure that the shift is as user friendly and efficient as possible. Oslo will always be at the front of innovation and we are delighted to join forces with two of the industry's most progressive players in this game-changing move to launch the world's most ambitious plan for wireless charging of a taxi fleet."

Here's how Fortum described it in their press announcement:

"The project aims to install wireless charging using induction technology. Charging plates are installed in the ground where the taxi is parked and a receiver is installed in the taxi. This allows for charging up to 75 kilowatts. The project will be the first wireless fast-charging infrastructure for electric taxis anywhere in the world, and will also help the further development of wireless charging technology for all EV drivers.

Fortum 'Charge & Drive' has long been working with the taxi industry to enable electrification of the taxi fleet. The greatest hurdle has proved to be the infrastructure: It is too time consuming for taxi drivers to find a charger, plug in and then wait for the car to charge. The wireless fast-charging project aims to solve these issues and reduce climate emissions from the taxi sector-not only in Norway, but in the entire world."

Norway has a logistical and economic advantage. With a total population of 5.3 million, it is easier for the government to execute large-scale and holistic changes to its infrastructure. In addition, Norway has no automotive companies on their soil so there is no fight against taxes and legislation that incentivizes citizens from using Electric Vehicles. As a result, electric vehicle owners are offered certain tax benefits like free tolls and parking.

What We Think About Norway 

This is the best thing we've heard all day! A whole nation, rulers and ruled, are in agreement over the future of their lands. Electric is the way to go and Norway understands that. How cool to charge your car on the go! And to know you're doing your part for the environment!

We also think Thor Odinson must be real happy! The God of Thunder & Lightening seems to have a massive number of disciples. And all seem to be part of the Automotive Cosmos!

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Article Published On: Saturday, March 23, 2019, 20:17 [IST]
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