Escorts Reveals India’s First Hybrid Tractor & Backhoe Loader With Pure Electric Mode

Escorts has showcased India's first hybrid tractor, hybrid backhoe loader and multi-utility backhoe loader. Escorts revealed the three new vehicles at Esclusive 2019 which is the company's annual innovation showcase platform.

Escorts Hybrid Tractor & Hybrid Backhoe Loader Revealed

The first-of-its-kind hybrid vehicles in India can run on diesel and battery power. For a long time now, hybrid drivetrains have been one of the methods used by many car manufacturers to make their vehicles cleaner and greener.

Hybrids came about at a time when pure electric cars just didn't have the range and pure petrol or diesel-powered cars were too dirty in terms of emissions. A few pure electric cars now have the range, yet a few manufacturers have stuck to hybrids as a majority of the world is yet to adopt electrics.

Escorts Hybrid Tractor & Hybrid Backhoe Loader Revealed

India though is far behind the game when it comes to adoption of green vehicles. While several countries in Europe and America adapted to hybrid commercial vehicles, India is getting there now.

Escorts is playing the role of the pioneer here with the hybrid tractor and hybrid backhoe loader. The Escorts Farmtrac hybrid tractor in question is a 4-wheel-drive model that has been positioned in the 70-75HP category.

Escorts Hybrid Tractor & Hybrid Backhoe Loader Revealed

Though it is in the 70-75HP category, the tractor can be boosted upto 90HP thanks to its hybrid drivetrain. It features four operating modes that feature both diesel and electric power being used independently for propulsion.

The hybrid mode allows users to use both battery power and the diesel engine to drive the tractor. ICE Direct mode uses power from just the diesel engine. Battery-electric mode turns the diesel engine off and uses the batteries to power the vehicle.

Escorts Hybrid Tractor & Hybrid Backhoe Loader Revealed

Plug-in mode enables charging the batteries from a wall socket power source. If one decides to use just the battery electric mode in tandem with the plug-in mode, this tractor can function as a pure-electric vehicle.

The backhoe loader showcased by Escorts too has similar drive modes but with lower power and greater functionality. The Escorts hybrid backhoe loader uses a 50HP diesel engine that can be boosted to 75BHP with the battery and electric motor.

Escorts Hybrid Tractor & Hybrid Backhoe Loader Revealed

It features three drive modes - Hybrid, ICE Direct-Drive and Electric Excavator. The Hybrid and ICE DIrect-Drive modes work in exactly the same manner as the hybrid tractor. The Electric Excavator mode allows the backhoe loader to work in pure electric mode. However, the machine cannot be driven in pure-electric mode.

Both the tractor and the backhoe loader feature regenerative charging technologies through which, excess power from the engine at idle charges up the battery pack. The company also showcased the Rider, which it claims is India's first multi-utility Rural Transport Vehicle. It offers a payload carrying capacity of 750 kilograms and an optional 4WD drivetrain.

Escorts Hybrid Tractor & Hybrid Backhoe Loader Revealed

Thoughts On India's First Hybrid Tractor & Backhoe Loader Being Revealed By Escorts

Escorts has been at the forefront in bringing new technologies to the commercial vehicle sector. At Esclusive 2018, the company revealed India's first autonomous tractor and autonomous backhoe loader.

At this year's edition, hybrids have been revealed. These hybrid farm and construction vehicles can be used for heavy-duty work, and yet it will be green and environment-friendly.

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Article Published On: Monday, September 9, 2019, 19:58 [IST]
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