India’s Favourite Car Colour Is White — 4/10 Cars Sold In India Are White In Colour

India's favourite car colour for new cars is white; proves a new study conducted by BASF (Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik). BASF is a leading chemical supplier in the global automotive industry. Their study infers that four out of 10 cars sold in India last year were white in colour.

TeamBHP shares that 43 per cent of all cars sold in 2018 were white, while grey/silver accounted for 15 per cent. It was also understood that white was most preferred in the small car segment. Meanwhile, red became the most popular chromatic colour among the lot and accounted for 9 per cent, overall.

India’s Favourite Car Colour

Coming to the SUV market, white models form 41 per cent of the total unit sold. On the other hand, grey, silver and red accounted for 15, 14 and 12 per cent of the overall sales; respectively. It is to be noted that 23% of the entire vehicle sold in 2018 were SUVs.

For compact cars, 46% of them were bought in white. The figure went up to 42% for the sub-compact category and 40% for mid-size models.

India’s Favourite Car Colour

On a global perspective, colours such as white, black, grey and silver account for more than 80% of the total automotive market. Blue is the favourite chromatic colour for car buyers across the world, while red follows close. Such chromatic colours are more popular among smaller cars (larger ones come mostly in black or white). The preference for white or black has also seen a huge rise from that in 2017.

In a rough analysis, it was proved that every fourth car sold in North America, third car in Europe and second car in the Asia-Pacific; are white in colour. Silver-coloured cars did not seem to attract as many sales as it did before.

So why is white so popular in India over any other colour? Well, there is a range of reasons for this.

India’s Favourite Car Colour

For instance, some Indians do not use black cars for special occasions such as weddings as they believe it will invite bad luck. On the other hand, black colour is often believed to have a commanding presence. You can read more about such bizarre facts here.

Thoughts On White Colour For Cars Being India's Favourite

To be honest, it does not require a full-scale study to understand that white cars sell the most in India. If you just have a walk by the main road, you will see at least one white car in five minutes. If you get in a traffic block, a good majority of the cars surrounding yours will also be white in colour. Still, it is rather interesting to see how one colour has dominated the industry by a good margin.

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Article Published On: Friday, January 18, 2019, 12:36 [IST]
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