Hyundai Kona Electric’s Charging Time Equals That Of A Smartphone

Hyundai has revealed that its upcoming Kona SUV will feature fast-charging similar to a smartphone. The Korean brand has released a video showing a smartphone and the Hyundai Kona charging at the same pace till 80 percent.

The brand even boldly made a claim in video with the statement, "Do you know, Kona Electric can charge as fast as a mobile phone." Hyundai is all set to launch the Kona EV in the Indian market later this month.

Ahead of its launch, Hyundai has been pushing out videos that seem like an attempt to break electric car myths in India. Electric cars are still a new and futuristic concept for most people in India and people are still sceptical about using these vehicles.

Most people still think that electric cars would be made some time in the future but the reality is that electric cars are already here and are the next big thing in India. Till now, Mahindra and Tata have been the only two manufacturers to launch electric vehicles in the Indian market. Tata's EVs are targeted directly at commercial/fleet operators.

Now though, we are on the verge of having some good electric vehicles being launched in India. Audi is bringing in the e-Tron, MG is launching the eZS later this year but before these two electric vehicles come in, Hyundai will launch the Kona Electric.

Before it is launched though, Hyundai felt it was necessary to debunk some electric car myths through a series of videos Titled 'Hyundai | Kona Electric | Did You Know." This particular video is intended to debunk the myth of Electric cars taking ages to charge.

The video claims that the Hyundai Kona Electric would be as quick as a smartphone to charge till 80 percent battery level. There is a catch here though. For this to happen, the Hyundai Kona Electric must be plugged into a fast-charger.

Hyundai however hasn't revealed the wattage put out by the fast charger or even how long it takes to charge it up using a fast charger. We will be able to find out soon enough when the electric vehicle is launched. Other videos in the series speaks about the performance, convenience, the low running costs of the Hyundai Kona, etc.

In international markets, the Hyundai Kona Electric is powered by a 39.2 kWh battery pack that gives it a range of around 300 kilometres. Its motor generates a peak torque output of 335Nm and a maximum power output 132bhp. For the international models, it takes a few hours to charge up normally while using a fast-charger gets the battery up to 80 percent in just 54 minutes.

Thoughts On Hyundai Kona Electric Can Charge As Fast As Your Smartphone

Electric cars targeted at private buyers till now were all those with low performance and range. The Hyundai Kona Electric could very well revolutionise the electric vehicle market in India and for the first time draw private buyers to an electric car that could provide the users with performance on par with petrol or diesel-powered cars.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, July 3, 2019, 20:06 [IST]
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